Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a Career Coach?

Career Coaches help people with employment decisions and transitions. They specialize in helping clients find satisfying and rewarding work. Career Coaches ask questions about employment goals, listening closely and provide objective feedback and support.

Our clients include:

  • People who’ve unexpectedly lost their jobs.

  • Those who been out of the workforce for an extended period.

  • People struggling with their current job.

  • Someone who needs help balancing a current job with a new venture.

  • Job seekers who want help improving their ability to interview and negotiate with potential employees.

  • Coaching College Students about careers and the workforce.         

How does it work?

Individuals inquiring about Career Coaching Services, please fill out the contact form to book your appointment. After appointment is booked and service has been purchased, you will be contacted via-email for confirmation on appointment.

What is the turnaround time? We offer the following:

Standard 3 - 5 Business Days (No Charge) 

Two Business Days (Additional Charge)

Rush Service 1 Business Day (Additional Charge) 

Can you provide me with names of hiring managers so that I can contact them?

No. If your primary goal is to obtain competitive intelligence about organizations, there are research professionals who specialize in helping with that, but doing so is not our expertise.

Are services confidential?

Yes. We will keep your information confidential except for rare circumstances dictated by laws (for example, threat of harm to self or others). We encouraged you to be careful about what you send via email stored on work computers as many employers monitor employee communications.

Can you provide references?

Please visit our testimonial page to read samples of what clients have written about us.

Does your business offer a guarantee?

We guarantee the quality of our services to you. The outcome is dependent on your motivation, effort, persistence and also circumstances outside of our control (such as the economy or internal changes within an employing organization). We view our role as helping you to become as well-equipped as possible to make a good career decision.

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