Career Coaching 


Among the millions of working individuals who has ever experienced that "Sunday Night Blues" where your stomach is doing flips as you ponder the work week ahead. Chances are they know what it feels like to be in the wrong job or company.


Astrid Career Coach focuses on the here and now rather than examining into more challenging issues as a counselor. Some individuals need or would like to have guidance in clarifying their purpose for seeking employment or to improve performance.

Astrid Career Coach partners with Clients to identify the job purpose and achieve career results. We also have a career planning exercise for College & High School Students. Includes Job Search Techniques

Career Assessments


We offer our clients Career Assessment Test which provides correlating personality type to an occupation. The Assessments texts explained personalized types. Some of the assessments will categorize our Clients personality between being an Extravert vs. Introvert, Sensing vs. Intuition, Thinking vs. Feeling, and Judging vs. Perceiving. Once our clients are classified this would let us know what career path will be best for them to succeed. Includes Job Search Techniques

Cover Letter Service 


Never mail your resume without a cover letter! Resumes without cover letters are not taken seriously. A cover letter is not just "wrapping" for your resume. It's an important career document that may determine whether your resume is read at all.


Our most popular cover letter service is the Classic Cover Letter. This Letter is a unique, customizable letter written especially for YOU, which you can tailor for various opportunities.

Interview Follow-Up / Thank You Letters Service


Always send a thank you letter within three days of the interview. Sending a thank-you letter is a small, but essential courtesy. A good thank you letter does more than just thank the person for the interview. It also reminds them of who you are and what you can do for their company and reiterates your interest in the position.


We can create a Classic Thank You Letter that you can customize for any company or you can ask us to create the letter from scratch.

Career Branding LinkedIn 


LinkedIn is the #1 tool that recruiters use to broadcast jobs and research candidates! Like your resume, your LinkedIn profile needs to be well-written, and it needs to include all of the essential keywords to help the hiring agents find you. But you shouldn't simply paste your resume into LinkedIn. We can help by writing the summary of your profile or even developing your entire LinkedIn page.


Our resume service will provide the right keywords to get you notice by recruiters and hiring managers. We will format your resume for Applicant Tracking Systems (PDF, Word, etc.). Our Clients can choose from a Chronological and Functional Resumes. ***Unlimited Revisions 


Resume Critique for Existing Resumes




***Resume from Scratch***


High School – College Seniors

Example: High School Graduates & College Students

Entry Level resumes are one page in length


Entry Level

College seniors – 2 Years of Experience

Senior Students, Recent Grads, or those with less than two years of experience.

Entry Level resumes are one page in length



2 – 15 Years of Experience

May have supervisory or team leader experience

May have a two year Associate or a four-year Bachelor’s Degree.

Professional-level resumes are usually 1-2 pages in length



10-20 years of experience.

Directs people and departments.

Manages operations and projects.

May manage department budgets or project budgets.

Bachelor's Degree. May have Master's Degree.

Mid-Level Management resumes are usually two pages long, but length may vary depending on the needs of the client.

Mock Interviews - One Hour or Two Hours

Astrid Career Coach provides a variety of Interview coaching and support: We hope that one or more of our programs can assist you in securing your next job.


Interview Preparation – Our one-hour session will include how to research for your interview, how well you know your Resume, a pre-interview checklist created to suit your needs.


Interview Skills - Our one-hour session will be tailored to suit your needs. It will include Interview question types, Body Language, Eye Contact, Listening skills, asking compelling questions and Negotiation skills.


Mock Interview (recorded with detailed feedback Two hour Session only) – As many people suffer from nerves at interviews. Mock Interviews are ideal for your perfect interview techniques, identifying potential interview weaknesses and overcoming your pre-interview jitters.


Interview support – We will act as your sounding board for interviews; provide you with a pre-interview checklist and pre-interview coaching on the phone.


Today's corporate world is not like it used to be when you would get hired on because of your Father or Mother worked at the same company. These days' companies want to hire employees that have experience and are qualified to do the job. Employers like to hire employees that have great attitudes and are teachable. Etiquette demand is imperative from the school classroom to the corporate world. Etiquette training will boom among the global economy demands on executives being sensitive to foreign cultures, the decrease in human interaction in the high-tech workplace and the social ineptitude of young managers who grew up in a household where proper manners were not encouraged. These classes are useful for clients to learn how to keep their jobs and advance in their careers.


***Training is available in a private consultation, one-on-one consultation, and group training sessions. Pricing is different when it comes to one-on-one consultation and group training. Email for pricing.

Business Etiquette Training

The basic business manners include much more than saying the words “Please, “Thank You,” “Hello,” and “Goodbye.” Once Clients get into the Workplace, they also need to be able to have good manners and be polished for the business world. Training will include original Astrid Career Coach topics. Per client request, we will cover specific topics to fit client’s needs. 


College Etiquette Training

College Students being able to feel comfortable transitioning to Corporate America. Training will include original Astrid Career Coach topics. Per client request, we will cover specific topics to fit client’s needs. 


Dining Etiquette Training

This training is suitable for Entrepreneurs and Professionals trying to land that potential deal. These classes are ideal for job seekers who might get invited to lunch or dinner by a potential employer.


Astrid Career Coach offers (3) services that clients can choose:

  • Basic Service discuss Dining Etiquette skills.

  • Silverware Dining Etiquette Service a more hands-on experiment without food. Everyone will be provided with silverware, and we will go through Dining Etiquette Skills.

  • Catering/ Restaurant Dining Etiquette Service are where clients can learn Dining Etiquette in their personal homes provided by a Chef or in a Restaurant setting.


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