"What an awesome job you did on my resume and cover letter. I also placed and received other opportunities with the GREAT resume and cover letter. Everyone I highly recommend ASTRID CAREER. Very prompted and dedicated. Also very good explanations to go with your resume and cover letter. Please take advantage of this opportunity to receive your Dream Career."

- Sr. Service Specialist in Banking  

"I felt empowered after the session with the knowledge gained from taking the personality tests. After our session, I researched more about my personality type, and it just confirmed why I thought/reacted/observed things as I did. Knowing that only 0.8% of the population that are INTJ’s are women definitely shocked me. I have always felt “different”, and I never could put it into words. Also, I was encouraged to not give up regarding my job search and to stay the course! I would definitely recommend taking a personality test, especially as an adult, because too often we are misguided early in life, and sometimes it’s necessary to get back on track to pursue a career that complements who we are."

 - Government Employee

"Having to write a resume for the first time in my life after being with a company for 23 years was a challenge. Glad Astrid Career was able to Review/Revised and help." 

-Automotive Parts Manager 


"The cleanup and added format, my resume needed that. I can’t wait to put my new revised resume out for employers to see."

-Truck Driver / Logistics Coordinator

"I learned overall my resume needed a lot of help. Also other tips on how to fill out applications."

-Process Operator

"So now if I need a Cover Letter or Thank You Letter. I'll contact Astrid Career Coach because I hate writing."

-Financial Analyst  

"I felt more confident in my resume after using Astrid Career Coach. She pointed out things, I didnt even know I was missing."

- Arts Administrator

"Astrid Staff was professional and communicated with me throughout the entire processes. I appreciate the knowledge and honesty most... I am grateful to be referred to Astrid and highly recommend your services." 

-Information Technology



"I liked that Millicent paid very close attention to detail in my resume. She discovered duplicates and formatting that did not match the way other items were formatted. I am more confident after my session about sending my resume’ off to companies."

-Administrative Assistant

"I would recommend Astrid Career Coach to anyone trying to figure out where they are going wrong and can’t secure a job. She took my resume and gave suggestions on how to catch the eye of the interviewer and other techniques to make myself marketable. Give her the chance and she will steer you in the right direction to finding your dream career."

-Human Resource Certification Specialist

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